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The Social Media Clarity Podcast

Oct 17, 2016 - Episode 27 - Episode 27

Social Responsibility and Social Platform Providers


Marc, Scott, and Randy talk about recent changes at social platform companies as they wrestle with the ethics of their customers causing conflict, such as racism/sexism in AirBNB and Nextdoor.


Sep 23, 2016

Why Comments Suck - Episode 26

Scott and Randy tear into the history and problems of comments on "news" sites, and identify the most overlooked problem. They then talk about current and future solutions (well, other than just giving up an shutting down.)

Show Notes


Popular Science -"Why We're Shutting Off Our...

Feb 8, 2016

Amplifying Influencers - Episode 25

Who is the mayor of your topic?


Part 4 of our Social Network Analysis Series. In this episiode, Marc details how seeking out specific influential people, or mayors, in your topic areas can lead to better engagement with new networks of people. We discuss how to find,...

Dec 31, 2015

Two Recipes for Stone Soup [A Fable of Pre-Funding Startups] - Episode 24

I'm Randy Farmer, and this is another episode from the vault...

This time: Two Recipes for Stone Soup [A Fable of Pre-Funding Startups]

This is group reading of a post from Habitat Chronicles originally published in 2008, it was then lost in a...

Nov 24, 2015

Quantifying Empathy - Episode 23

image Twitter Hearts and Facebook Reactions

TL;DR - You KNOW Marc, Randy, and Scott couldn't let Twitter messing with Favorites and Facebook Reactions go without some spirited discussion.